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Dig deep into the history and traditions of the remarkable Douro Valley, starting with the monasteries built by the Cistercian and Benedictine monks whose early vineyards initiated the subsequent transformation of the hillsides.

Learn about the Douro's incredible art and architecture through monuments, museums and historical towns and villages.

The combination of grand manor houses and traditional stone cottages in the Douro’s wine producing villages tell their own story of the heydays of port wine production and the wealth it brought to those who ran the estates.

Follow your taste buds as they lead you towards cakes fit for royalty and traditional bakeries and factories where you can still see wood ovens in use. As you’ll deduce from the number of olive trees, olive oil is another major product in this region. Find out how the oil was produced before modern machinery evolved the process and taste the difference between varieties.

Cultural Tours in Douro Valley

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