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The hills and valleys of the Douro Valley offer outstanding and ever-changing scenery for walkers. While there are some short, easy walks through the vineyards if you’re fit and up for more of a challenge, you’ll be amply rewarded.

Discover picturesque valleys, riverside watermills, olive groves, local farming practices and intriguing villages with architecture that ranges from simple and rustic to grandiose.

As you follow ancient paths between hilltop villages, you’ll witness first-hand the never-ending work involved in tending the thousands of grape vines in the Douro Valley. From individual family plots of vintage vines to the vast, orderly schist-walled terraces of the major wine estates, the importance of wine to this region is evident.

Explore our walking holidays in Douro Valley and discover scenic landscapes and beautiful trails.

Walking Tours in Douro Valley

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